Acura Precision EV Concept Miami FL


Precision EV Concept

Precision Crafted for a zero-emission future

The Electrification Of Premium Performance

The Precision EV Concept ushers in a new era of electrification for Acura. Building on a legacy of performance-focused engineering and innovative design, Acura is taking an accelerated path towards an electrified future. Every aspect of the Precision EV Concept is designed for a more visceral drive. The aggressive stance alludes to performance, while the electric powertrain delivers new levels of excitement at every turn.


Driver-First Experience

Introducing the next-generation interface with a hyper-wide, curved transparent display and haptic touch response, the Precision EV Concept intuitively connects man and machine. Dual immersive experiences further engage the driver’s senses: an exhilarating Instinctive Drive mode for spirited driving, and a calming Spiritual Lounge mode during autonomous operation. Refined craft and technology blend seamlessly together with the use of sustainable, premium materials to reduce the carbon footprint.

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